A solid foundation to get you up and running
    a website powered by Pulse CMS in minutes!


    Pulse Starter

    A solid base to get you up and running a website powered by Pulse CMS in minutes!

    only $15.00

    (incl. VAT)

    Pre-configured to work with the fantastic Tesla theme which comes bundled with RapidWeaver. No need to invest in a 3rd-party theme or to fiddle with "blank" themes and complicated or expensive 3rd-party stacks.

    Use this RapidWeaver project file and the enclosed folder of demo-content as a solid foundation to start with Pulse CMS. So you can focus more on the content and design of your site – and less the underlying technique.

    See most of the Pulse CMS Stacks in action, pre-configured and with actual content to play with and modify.

    Minimum requirements:

    Optional Stack for use with the Pulse CMS gallery and Blog gallery:

    What you get:
    • Project file for RapidWeaver 6 and 7 (using the RW stock-theme "Tesla")
    • Pre-populated content folder for Pulse CMS v.4.x (Pulse CMS not included)
    • Link to a dedicated web-page with instructions regarding Pulse installation / configuration and Pulse CMS stacks integration
    • Coupon code for a 20% discount on the Gallery 3 stack by inStacks

    Some examplary screenshots:

    •  Page

      Page "Home"

    •  Page 

      Page "About"

    •  Page

      Page "Blog Post Plus"

    •  Page

      Page "Contact"

    •  Folder

      Folder "Blocks"

    •  Folder

      Folder "Media"

    •  Folder

      Folder "Blog"

    •  Subfolder

      Subfolder "depot"



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    For whom is this project file?

    For those who already know how to build nice looking websites with RW but need help to get up and running with Pulse CMS as fast as possible.

    How do I use the project file?

    All you have to do is open the project file in Rapidweaver and you're ready to go.
    We recommend making a back up of the project file so you can revert back to the original file if required.
    You should be familiar with how to use RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin. Most questions regarding the Pulse CMS system can be found on the dedicated documentation page: https://www.pulsecms.com/docs/

    What is included with the project file?

    The project file contains the pre-configured pages seen in the product preview. Also included is a folder with demo-content and a link to a dedicated web-page with always-up-to-date instructions regarding initial Pulse installation/configuration and Pulse CMS stacks configuration.

    What is the "content" folder in the product download?

    The "content" folder contains all the texts, images and blog-data you see on the preview page.

    If you want to populate the published project file with this test-content you need to replace the "content" folder inside your "pulse" folder. For this task just use the FTP software you already used to install the Pulse CMS system on your server.

    I don't see the nice gallery- and blog-gallery effects shown on your demo site!

    To "activate" these you need to install the optional Gallery 3 stack by inStacks in your Stacks library.

    Can I use other stacks together with the Pulse CMS stacks?

    Feel free to add any other stock- or 3rd-party-stacks to your pages if you want to style or animate the content of the Pulse CMS stacks.

    Can I change the theme without breaking the setup of the Pulse CMS stacks?

    Absolutely. Feel free to switch to any other theme you want. We just can't guarantee that everything will look as nice as it does with the "Tesla" theme.

    What kind of support do we offer?

    Email-support is offered in direct response to specific project file questions within 1 to 2 business days.

    We offer no support for RapidWeaver, the Stacks plugin, the Pulse CMS stacks or the Pulse CMS system.
    If you should have questions regarding these products don't hesitate to contact the relevant developer:
    RapidWeaver: https://www.realmacsoftware.com/support/
    Stacks 3: https://yourhead.zendesk.com/home
    Pulse CMS stacks: http://instacks.com/support/
    Pulse CMS system: https://www.pulsecms.com#contact

    Are more products like this planned for the future?

    Sure. Based on the reception of this first offering we plan on releasing more useful stuff for RapidWeaver users.


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